Goals are Objects.  Objects Have Velocities.

  • Description of motion:  One hand holds onto an invisible orb then moves it in an arc to a location further away.
  • Example:  "Sometimes we set goals for ourselves that keep moving further and further out of reach."
  • Use: Shows increasing distance between you and your objective.
  • Metaphor:  Goals are Objects.  Objects Have Velocities.  
  • Explanation:  Imagine you are thirsty for a glass of water.  Your goal is to drink the water and quench your thirst.  You see a cup on your bedroom table.  You walk over but when you pick it up you realize it's empty.  You go downstairs to fill it up in the sink but when you turn the water on, you realize your pipes have frozen.  You then walk to the nearest convenience store and buy a bottle of water.  In this example there are three points in the story where your objective could possibly have been met.  At each instance when it wasn't met, it required you to go further, which required more distance, more time, more work.  When we say that a goal is further and further out of reach, we are implying that it is moving at a speed that is greater then the speed with which we are pursuing it.
  • Observed: 1-14-2015 (Rad School meeting.  13 people sitting around table.  Everyone seated. Julia)