Physical Distance is Emotional Distance.

  • Description of motion:  The gesture defines two points, typically by taping a finger onto a surface to designate one, and then swooping the finger in an arc to land on another point further away. 
  • Date Observed: 12/24/14 at dinner party.  Many people seated at table (10-12)
  • Link:  Sides 'far apart' in West Coast port negotiations
  • Examples:  "We're still pretty far apart on this new deal."  "In the past year Julie and I have grown pretty far apart."
  • Use: Shows the spatial distance between two points, often in relation to degrees of intimacy or agreement.
  • Metaphor:  Physical Distance is Emotional Distance.  Physical Distance is Coherence of Viewpoints. 
  • Explanation:    We experience our most intimate moments in close proximity to one another.  Even when this is not the case, such as an intimate moment reading a letter that a loved one has written, we still feel close to the letter, which is a proxy for the person.
  • Possible Origin:  We equate physical closeness with coherence of viewpoints (as well as intimacy) because early on in human development we surrounded ourselves with like minded people.  People that were not like minded, were further away, outside the group, in another tribe.  This also has coherence with sayings such as, "my inner circle of friends".