Sides of Objects are Different Perspectives

  • Description of motion:  One hand held out.  Two fingers extend (Pointer and middle). Flip back and forth.  
  • Date observed:  Noticed in reference to the word "translation".  (01-13-15) at restaurant.  Four people at table.  All seated.
  • Example:  "We both started out on the same page, but after awhile it seemed like something got lost in translation."  
  • Use:  This gesture can be used to show two differing versions/interpretations that point back to the same thing.  
  • Metaphor:  Ideas are Objects.  Sides of Objects are Differing Perspectives.
  • Explanation:  In reference to language, this gesture is pointing us towards two differing words with the same meaning.  Each side of the extended fingers is then representative of a different word.  The flipping back and forth is showing that even though there are two different words, they are still showing us the same thing, the extended fingers. Translation can also be more abstract, such as the translation of an experience.  The fingers flipping back and forth are then showing the two differing translations of the same experience.  
  • Related Saying:  "Two sides of the same coin."
  • Note: In this later more abstract sense, gesture/metaphor might only be accessible to people that have achieved multi-perspectivisim.