Weight is Value

  • Description of motion:  Both hands act as if they are weighing two objects of varying weight.   
  • Date Observed: 12/24/14 at dinner party.  Many people seated at table (10-12)
  • Example:  "I'm not sure which college to choose.  On one hand Dartmouth seems like a good choice, but on the other, there's UCLA."
  • Use:  Used when trying to decide between things.
  • Metaphor:  Weight is Value.  
  • Explanation:  The more something weighs, the more it is worth. (The inverse is also possible.)  We move our hands up and down trying to decide which hand is heavier/lighter, thus which one is more valuable, thus which one we should pick.  
  • Possible Origin:  People early on were greatly influenced by the valuing of gold or other precious resources by weighing them.  The scale was an object that put to rest speculation of how much something was actually worth.  When the idea of value is transferred from material objects to abstract concepts such as "decisions", the characteristic of weight remains.  More weight implies more of the thing itself.  The heavier the gold, the more of it there is. If the concept being considered is positive such as "love" then more weight implies more love.   If the concept is negative such as "anxiety" then more weight implies more anxiety, thus less value.