Physical Bonds are Emotional Bonds

  • Description of motion:  Two hands start far apart and then quickly move towards each other until they touch.
  • Date Observed:  1-20-15.  Dinner.  4 people seated at table.  LF.
  • Link to use:  8 Ways to Reconnect and Strengthen Your Relationship
  • Example:  "In the last few years they had grown far apart, but last month they finally reconnected."
  • Use:  Used to describe people forming emotional bonds with each other.
  • Metaphor:  Physical Bonds are Emotional Bonds
  • Explanation:  There is a Celtic wedding ritual called, "Hand Fasting" in which two people that are about to be "bound" together in the social/legal/emotional sense (marriage) are also bound in the physical sense by a ribbon tying their hands together.   The two people are thought of as separate objects, that are then united into one thing by "the bond" which in this ritual is represented by the ribbon.  We feel "connected" to other people emotionally, because tying things together physically manifests some of the shared characteristics, that of closeness, oneness, extra weight, etc.  
  • Origin:  Similar origin to Commonalities are Threads.  If we gather a number of sticks and bind them together with a piece of string, then we have the ability to imagine the bound collection of objects as one thing.  We can then cut the bonds and see the sticks fall apart, and then take out another piece of string and bind them back together.  This basic human experience is correlated with the emotional ties we have with each other.  We feel "connected" to certain people, because we imagine ourselves as "close".  There might be something though that "comes between us" and so we "split" or "severe" the relationship.  Later though, we can "reconnect" and re-establish our bonds of "closeness".
  • Metaphorical Cohesion: Physical Distance is Emotional Distance.  Bound Hands are Bound Actions.