Ideas are Magnetic Objects with Opposing Poles

  • Description of motion:  Hands lay on top of each other then flip.  
  • Example:  "I understand what you're saying, but let's look at the opposite point of view."
  • Use:  Reverses/flips an idea to show the opposite point of view.
  • Metaphor:  Ideas are Magnetic Objects with Opposing Poles.   Sides of Objects are Differing Perspectives.
  • Explanation:  This gesture implies not only that Ideas are Objects, but that the differing sides of objects are differing points of view.  Because these objects are magnetic, the "flip side" of the object is the opposite perspective.  We think of ideas in this magnetic way because some ideas also seem to have two polar opposite views that seem to push against each other.  Much like a magnet, flipping an abstract concept over is inverting its meaning as well, thus the hands hold the object and flip it over.
  • Origin:  Possible connection to our experience with magnetism.