Goals Are Objects that have Velocities.

  • Description of motion:  One hand starts from a point closer to the body then arcs to a location further away from the body.
  • Example:  "Sometimes we set goals for ourselves that keep moving further and further out of reach."
  • Use: Shows increasing distance between you and your objective.
  • Metaphor:  Goals are Objects.  Objects Have Velocities.  Distance is Progress.
  • Explanation: When we say that a goal is further and further out of reach, we are implying that it is moving at a speed that is greater than the speed with which we are pursuing it.  Your goal has a velocity that is greater than yours, which means, there is no possible way of ever reaching it.  This metaphor also implies that Distance is Progress.   We can get "closer" or "further away" from achieving our goals.  
  • Observed: 1-14-2015 (Rad School meeting.  13 people sitting around table.  Everyone seated. JL)
  • Same gesture as: Life is a Journey. Distance is Progress.