Determination is Force. Casualty is Striking. Change is Motion.

  • Description of motion:  A hand slams down on a knee or a table with a definitive sound. 
  • Date Observed: 12/24/14 at dinner party.  Many people seated at table (10-12)
  • Example:  "When I saw how that man was treating that woman, (hand slaps knee) I just knew I had to do something."
  • Use:  Often used when a definitive decision has been made or to show determination. 
  • Metaphor: Determination is Force. Casualty is Striking.  Change is Motion.
  • Explanation: The hand strikes a surface because we think of change happening by objects hitting each other.  If this is our conception of objects, then abstractions work the same way to.  The hand then roots the abstract idea of casualty in three coherent metaphors.   The movement of your hand is the change that is coming.  The striking of your hand is the casual effect (ideas are like billiard balls that need to be struck to have any effect)  and finally, the force with which it is struck is equal to the determination of enacting that change.  Also possibly coherent with the metaphor of "being struck".  A decision seemingly comes out of nowhere and hits you, thus you hit yourself in reference to your decision.
  • Origin:  As infants, some of the first experiences we have is how our body effects the world around us.  If we push something over, liquid pours out.  This kind of understanding of the physical world is then later mapped onto an understanding of abstract concepts.  
  • Sound: The sound is also significant as it demonstrates empirically that this thing exists, has been decided upon, i.e., "I make a sound, therefore I am."  
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